1997 News, Events and Activities

The following contains a brief summary of PEACESAT and OTIRA News, Events, and Activities. The information is not complete and dependent in part on information provided by PEACESAT Sites.

September 15-19, 1997 - PACIFIC ISLANDS HEALTH OFFICERS ASSOCIATION - will be holding their annual meeting on Guam.
August 8, 1997 -- PACIFIC MU-SPIN AND PEACESAT NETWORK - PEACESAT, the University of Guam, the College of the Marshall Islands, the College of Micronesia, and the Yap, Kosrae, and Chuuk Departments of Education submit a proposal to NASA for a Pacific "MU-SPIN and PEACESAT Network." The purposes of the proposal are to enable the Other Minority Universities in the Pacific Islands Region to develop Internet and Intranet capabilities; provide technical education, training, and support; enhance science curriculum; and, enable access to NASA Mission To Planet Earth data and information resources.
July 1997 -- ELECTRONIC POST OFFICE in MAJURO - The U.S. Public Health Service, Pacific Islands Health Officers Association, Emergency Operation Centers for the Pacific, Pacific Basin Development Council, and PEACESAT initiate implementation of the Electronic Post Office systems for the Western Pacific Region. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is the first site that is implemented. The implementation in Majuro, RMI did not have any problems. Lists of e-mail users will be made available upon request. Mr. Thomas Okamura and Mr. Ryan Araki travel in the Pacific to install systems and provide additional training for EOC satellite operations.
May 17, 1997 -- PEACESAT HUB SITE AWARD FOR UNIVERSITY OF GUAM - The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced that the University of Guam has been awarded a Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) grant for a Hub Site. The proposal was prepared through a collaborative effort between the University of Guam and the University of Hawaii. The Principal Investigator is Carmen Fernandez-Dias and the Co-Investigator is Mr. Bruce Best.
March 7, 1997 -- CONSTANCE C. ARVIS, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE -- Constance Arvis, Regional Environmental and Coordinator and Country Officer for Palau and Micronesia, U.S. Department of State, discussed PEACESAT issues in the Pacific. Christina Higa and Dr. Andy Kuniyuki of the College of the Marshall Islands gave the briefing and demonstration of the system, including compressed video teleconferences.
March 6, 1997 -- OTIRA and PEACESAT BRIEF MAUI COUNTY COUNCIL -- Clyde Sakamoto (Provost of Maui Community College), Norman Okamura (SSRI-OTIRA), Christina Higa (PEACESAT), and Mark Andrews (University of Hawaii Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development) briefed the Committee on Economic Development and Environment of the Maui County Council on the SkyBridge, Hawaii Telecommunications and Information Resource Center, and PEACESAT collaboration to provide internetworking among systems.
March 5, 1997 -- ARMA JANE KARAER, AMBASSADOR TO PAPUA NEW GUINEA VISITS PEACESAT -- Christina Higa and Norman Okamura provided a briefing on the PEACESAT network and earth stations in Lae and Port Moresby and discussed general developments in telecommunications in the region.
February 11, 1997 -- U.S. AND PACIFIC ISLANDS JOINT COMMERCIAL COMMISSION WORKING GROUP MEETING -- Sitavine Finau (Tonga) and Norman Okamura gave presentations to the Working Group on telecommunications and Internet development in the Pacific Islands Region. Sitavene presented a paper calling for the development of a Pacific Islands Information Infrastructure. Norman Okamura reviewed the developments in telecommunications and Internet in the region.
February 4, 1997 -- ST. FRANCIS HEALTH CARE SYSTEM VISITS PEACESAT AND OTIRA -- Christina Higa and Norman Okamura gave a presentation on health related telecommunications projects, including PEACESAT, the Distance Education Learning Technologies and Applications (DELTA), Hawaii Telecommunications and Information Resource Center, and the Electronic Mail systems for hospitals and health care organizations in the Pacific Islands Region. Alan Ito (Chief Information Officer), Gordon Goldsmith (Network Manager), and others participated in the discussion.
January 29, 1997 -- PARTNERSHIP MEETING: MAUI COMMUNITY CARE HUI -- Christina Higa and Norman Okamura participated in a Partnership Meeting for the Maui Community Care Hui hosted by Maui Community College. Norman Okamura participated in a panel chaired by Provost Clyde Sakamoto and discussed "Human Services and Telecommunications." Alan Ito, Chief Information Officer for St. Francis Medical Center and Larry Ipolito of Cerner Corporation also participated in the panel and discussed information sharing and computer networking. Alan Ito also discussed the "GENESIS" Project of St. Francis.
January 27, 1997 -- COLLEGE OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS (CMI) VISITS PEACESAT -- CMI President Alfred Capelle and Andy Kuniyuki, Land Grant Director, visited OTIRA and PEACESAT to discuss plans for digital PEACESAT experiments. CMI received approval from the Land Grant program of the College of Micronesia, Palau Community College, and the CMI to purchase and install digital modems, data router, and video conferencing system.
January 23, 1997 -- QUEENS MEDICAL CENTER TELEMEDICINE TASK FORCE VISITS OTIRA -- Queens Medical Center is a health care provider based in Hawaii. The Telemedicine Task Force visited OTIRA/SSRI to discuss PEACESAT, the Distance Education Learning Technologies and Applications (DELTA-HAWAII), and the Hawaii Telecommunications and Information Resource Center Projects.
January 19 to 22, 1997 -- PTC 97 -- The Pacific Telecommunications Council held its annual conference. Over 1400 people will attended this conference. Viewers should see the PTC Home Page. Viewers with narrowband links should be aware that there are many graphics pages. A development of interest to the Pacific Island region is that a regional organization called the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association was formed, led mainly by the telecommunication carriers in the region.
January 18, 1997 -- PTC '97 -- PAN-PACIFIC DISTANCE LEARNING ASSOCIATION -- Christina Higa, Program Manager and Acting Director of PEACESAT, gave a presentation on recent developments at the meeting of the PPDLA. There was a very lively discussion of distance learning programs in the Pacific region.
January 17, 1997 -- Dr. WILLIAM G. DAVIS and ROSALIE L. DAVIS -- visited PEACESAT to discuss the program and health related issues in the Pacific Islands Region. Dr. and Nurse Davis have visited the Pacific Islands Region 22 times over the past 10 years to provide lower body care at no charge to Pacific Islanders. Christina Higa and Norman Okamura provided the overview. Mr. Glenn Nochi of the Pacific Islands Health Officers Association dropped by to greet the Bill and Rosalie. January 16, 1997 -- U.S. COAST GUARD -- Lt. Mark Young (Desk Officer), Lt. Ben Cooper, and Lt. John Cameron of the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Operation visited PEACESAT to discuss issues of mutual issues in emergency communications.
January 14, 1997 -- FEMA VISIT -- David Kennard (Mitigation Specialist, Pacific Area Office); Michael Hornick (Senior Mitigation Specialist, Region IX); Susan Murray (Mitigation Specialist, Region IX); and Terrie Zuiderhoek (Human Services) visited PEACESAT and provided an update on subjects in the Pacific Islands Region. They reported that the YAP EOC terminal has a problem.
January 11, 1997 -- TOKELAU -- Ms. Lakulu Viliamu, Assistant to the Director of Education, Tokelau; Fatali Aleni, Nurse; and, Eyland Washington, former Peace Corp Volunteer for Cook Islands and Tokelau requested and received a briefing on the PEACESAT Program from Tom Okamura.
January 7-8, 1997 -- TELEMEDICINE WORKSHOP -- Norman Okamura, Christina Higa, and James White participated in the Telemedicine Workshop sponsored by the Hawaii Department of Health in collaboration with the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism.
December 29, 1996 to January 15, 1997 -- UNIVERSITY OF GUAM MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOP -- Bruce Best, Manager, PEACESAT/Telecommunications and Distance Education Option, University of Guam, sponsored a multimedia distance learning workshop to improve the technical skills of participants in video production.
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